What To Do When Your Vehicle Leaves You Stranded

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You know it can happen, but you may not have taken the proper precautions. What would you do if your car broke down and stranded you in a remote location? You could easily end up at the side of a nearly deserted road or in a parking lot at night, so you need to have an action plan in place.

Booster Kit

Battery  problems can easily cause you to be stranded, often without much warning. To combat this issue, you should consider purchasing an inside auto booster kit. These kits allow you to jump start the car from the safety of your vehicle by plugging it into your lighter socket. This procedure allows you to quickly get your car going again without making yourself vulnerable by leaving your car or asking a stranger for help, two things you should never do. You can fix the problem yourself and get back on the road. 

Roadside Assistance

You should purchase some type of roadside assistant plan. Some vehicle manufacturers provide a few free years of this coverage when you buy a new vehicle. You can also add these provisions to your auto insurance policies for a minimal fee each year. Some people prefer to join an auto club that charges an annual membership fee. Whichever plan you choose, make certain to have the emergency phone number easily accessible in your vehicle. Use your cell phone to call it immediately, and wait for them to arrive with your doors locked and interior lights on. You should also have the hazard lights on to help other vehicles see you. 


If your phone is dead or you are stranded where there is no service, you need to remain with your car, and keep the hazard lights on. You need to signal that you need help by hanging something brightly colored out of your window or windows and wait for the authorities. If another driver approaches you to offer help, ask them to call the state patrol or local police for you. Although they may be perfectly nice and safe people, you cannot know that for certain, so still remain in the car.

You should always have a plan in place for times when you may be stranded in your vehicle. Chances are that you will experience this situation at some point in your driving life. Invest in the proper equipment and roadside assistance coverage, such as from Ski Country Shell & Towing, and be prepared to signal for help if necessary.


21 May 2016

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