3 Simple Ways To Turn Your RV Into A Mobile Luxury Home

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With the cost of real estate on the rise, more and more people are looking for alternative living arrangements. Investing in an RV provides you the opportunity to travel with your home in tow. If you like the thought of downsizing to an RV but you aren't thrilled about the idea of living in a space that looks like a camper, there are some simple solutions.

Here are three ways you can upgrade your RV into a mobile luxury home in the future.

1. Add some updated flooring.

Most RVs come equipped with generic carpeting that leaves a lot to be desired. If you want your RV to more closely resemble a luxury home, you should begin by swapping out this carpet for an updated flooring material.

Hardwood flooring is often associated with a luxury living space, but these floors can be costly. Opting to invest in a laminate product instead will allow you to get the same look for a fraction of the cost (between $5.83 and $7.93 per square foot). As an added bonus, laminate flooring is lightweight and will not cause your RV to become too heavy to tow.

2. Add some real furnishings.

Comfortable furnishings are often what make a home feel more inviting. The booth-style dinette sets and flimsy sofas featured in most RVs definitely don't contribute to the creation of a luxury living space. By removing these features and adding real furnishings instead, you can easily upgrade your RV to a luxurious tiny home.

It's important that you invest in furnishings that fit snugly into the existing space in your RV. Replacing the existing sofa with one of the same dimensions will help reduce movement while your RV is mobile. You can also secure loose furnishings by attaching an eye bolt to the wall of your RV behind your loose furniture pieces and using a bungee cord to fix the furnishings to the eye bolt.

3. Update the bathroom.

The bathroom is often the room that leaves the most to be desired when dealing with an RV. The substandard shower surround and plastic sinks that come standard in most RVs are not attractive and can take away from the luxury feel present in the rest of your mobile home.

By removing the shower surround and replacing it will real tile and having a custom cabinet featuring a vessel sink installed, you can easily give your RV's bathroom a luxury makeover.

Transforming an RV into a tiny luxury living space can be challenging. Start by installing new flooring, adding real furniture, and giving the bathroom a facelift and you will be on your way to living in mobile luxury. If you don't even have an RV yet, take a look at a class B RV for sale and consider your options for remodeling before you even make the purchase.


26 May 2016

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