Custom Truck Parts And The Warranty: What Is Covered And What Is Not

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If you have some custom truck parts, you may be a bit concerned what will happen to the warranty if you have them installed on the vehicle. You will be happy to know that simply adding custom parts to the vehicle usually does not void the warranty. However, there are times when the warranty will be voided due to custom parts being added to the vehicle. Here are a few things to consider before adding a part that did not come on your vehicle originally.


Modifications are a bit different than just swapping out parts. This involves adding pieces or entire systems that do not normally come with the vehicle. A good example would be adding a nitrous oxide system to increase the horsepower. As long as the extra power is not what caused the damage, the warranty is still good. However, if the mechanic shop can reasonably claim that the extra power was too much for another part of the car to endure, like the transmission, you will end up having to pay for the repair yourself.

Performance Parts

Like modifications, simply adding performance parts is not going to void the warranty. However, if the part that you added fails, that part will not be covered by the warranty. There is an exception to this, though. If you buy an aftermarket performance part that was manufactured by the vehicle's manufacturer and is installed by an approved mechanic shop, the warranty will be good on that part. These parts are considered to be an upgrade, or could even be an option when you buy the car new. Keep in mind, if a different part fails, and it can be traced back to a part that was not made by the manufacturer, it could mean the warranty is not going to take care of the repair.

When you are thinking about performance parts or modifications to your vehicle, ask yourself why. While you have every right to do to your own vehicle as you wish, if you wanted something more powerful or different, you could have asked for modifications when first buying it. If you are buying a used car and want to change it to meet your own specifications, you just need to make sure that the changes you are making will fit the rest of the vehicle. Change out the exhaust system if you want to, just make sure in doing so you are not adding stress or pressure to other parts to keep your warranty intact.

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30 May 2016

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