Do You Really Need Studded Tires?


If you live in a region with freezing temperatures that can lead to icy roads, you want to determine whether or not you should purchase a set of studded tires for your car. Studded tires have metal studs coming out of the tread. These studs will provide your car with a better grip on those icy roads to help prevent the car from sliding. However, you may not always need studded tires, depending on the type of car you have or the type of winter tires you currently have on the car.

Winter tires are designed to do well in cold conditions. They perform well in slush, snow and on icy roads. Winter tires are also designed to help prevent you from over braking due to the design of their tread and increased traction. Use the information below to decide whether or not you should get winter or studded tires.

You have four-wheel drive

If you have a four-wheel drive and you live in an area where the snow and ice is minimal, then you may not have a need for studded tires. You can purchase a set of winter tires and get by just fine. However, if you live in an area with a lot of icy roads, then studded tires will help keep even a four-wheel drive vehicle on the road.

You always drive in the afternoon

The roads are icy early in the morning and at night. Once the day warms up a bit, the ice will melt off the roads anyway. However, if you need to drive in the morning or at night and you live in an area where the roads aren't properly maintained, you should invest in a good set of studded tires.

Icy days are few and far between

If your region only has a small number of days when the roads are icy, consider whether or not you can avoid those roads or find another way to work around the road conditions. Studded tires will be on your car for the whole season, just for the possibility of a few days of ice. They put more wear and tear on the roadways and your driveway. They also increase your gas usage, increase the space needed for safe stopping and make the inside of your car sound louder. Therefore, if you can stay home on those icy days, it may be the better option.

If you still aren't sure which tires are best for your situation, a professional tire shop, like F & H Tire Co, can look at your car and help you decide.


6 July 2015

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