Making Sense of Your Estimates: 3 Reasons Why Auto Body Estimates Vary So Much


If you're like most people, you get several estimates from various local auto body shops before making an appointment to get body work done on your car. While most people and insurance companies prefer the lowest estimate, low estimates are not always what they seem. Auto body estimates to fix the same problem on the same car vary widely because auto body shops take different approaches to making the repair.

21 July 2015

Do You Really Need Studded Tires?


If you live in a region with freezing temperatures that can lead to icy roads, you want to determine whether or not you should purchase a set of studded tires for your car. Studded tires have metal studs coming out of the tread. These studs will provide your car with a better grip on those icy roads to help prevent the car from sliding. However, you may not always need studded tires, depending on the type of car you have or the type of winter tires you currently have on the car.

6 July 2015