Making Sense of Your Estimates: 3 Reasons Why Auto Body Estimates Vary So Much


If you're like most people, you get several estimates from various local auto body shops before making an appointment to get body work done on your car. While most people and insurance companies prefer the lowest estimate, low estimates are not always what they seem. Auto body estimates to fix the same problem on the same car vary widely because auto body shops take different approaches to making the repair.

As you can imagine, some approaches are superior to others, but they might not be the cheapest options. Therefore, you need to learn how to read your estimates to see what work is actually being done. Following are three things to compare and some of the main reasons why estimates vary so much. 

Number of Steps Involved

Estimates for auto body work include several line items that represent each step in the repair process. One estimate might only include a few steps, while another has numerous steps. That's because the two shops are not planning on doing the same work. The shop that has fewer steps listed may only plan on pounding out a dent and painting the affected part of your car. However, the shop with the most steps listed might be taking your car apart, checking for hidden damage, replacing parts, and painting your whole car. The more involved the approach is, the more it will cost. 

Type of Parts Used

If your body job requires the purchase of new parts, your auto body shop has a few options. They can purchase new parts from the original manufacturer or they can purchase aftermarket or substitute parts. Certain shops may also use salvaged parts. The amount you pay for repair work will vary dramatically depending on the type of parts used. Aftermarket parts are generally less expensive than parts purchased from the manufacturer. Keep in mind, however, that using manufacturer parts will help maintain the value of your vehicle and will restore it to its original condition. 

Insurance Company's Involvement

Your insurance company may have relationships with certain auto body shops in order to receive lower rates. If you select one of your insurer's preferred shops, you may notice that the bill is much lower. This is due to negotiations that happen behind the scenes. 

There are several things that can affect the bottom line on your estimates. Therefore, you have to read each estimate carefully to know what you're getting. While saving money is great, the cheapest estimate might not be your best option in the long run. Contact an auto repair shop near you, like Central Body Co Inc, to find the best estimate for your repairs.


21 July 2015

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