4 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer Caravanning

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As summer approaches, more families are considering caravanning for their vacation. Before hooking a trailer to your vehicle, you need to ensure your vehicle is up to the challenge of towing to your planned destinations. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle for the road ahead. 

Know the Towing Limits

Before you can take any other steps to prepare your vehicle for its summer trek, you need to ensure that it has the capabilities needed to carry a trailer. Check the towing weight limit for your vehicle in the owner's manual. 

If the weight of your trailer exceeds the recommended max, you need to either get a smaller trailer or use another vehicle that is capable of handling the work. Towing the vehicle anyway can put stress on your car's engine and transmission and lead to costly repairs. 

Visit a Transmission Shop

If the transmission is not in good working order, your family's summer excursion could be cut short. In the shop, like Mr Transmission, a skilled mechanic can check the transmission fluid and change the filters. 

Be sure to share your plans with your mechanic. You might need to upgrade the type of fluid that is in your vehicle. Overheating can occur when towing, and a higher quality transmission fluid can help to keep the components cool.

You should also have the transmission flushed. Flushing helps to remove contaminants that can get into the fluid and lead to transmission troubles when you are on the road. 

Upgrade Your Suspension

While towing a trailer, the suspension can be put under a lot of stress. Short trips with the trailer are fine, but since you are planning a longer trip, you need to have your suspension assessed. 

If your suspension is not up to the job of towing for long distances, consider upgrading your suspension. Upgrading the suspension can be as simple as installing heavy duty shocks or struts. Before buying the shocks, ensure they are compatible with your vehicle.  

Install Sway Control Equipment

As you drive, the rear of your trailer can start to slowly sway. Swaying can sometimes lead to a loss of control, which could result in an accident. To avoid this, install sway control equipment. The equipment works in a variety of ways, such as applying tension or friction to keep your trailer in line with your vehicle. 

Due to the variances in the equipment available, consult with a professional before purchasing. The wrong equipment can hinder the interactions between your vehicle and the trailer. 


20 May 2016

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