Top Reasons To Buy A New Car

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If you're considering buying a car, you're likely wondering if you should buy new or used. What are the features of new cars? Are they safer, more reliable? There are several reasons you may want to spend more money on a new car. Here are the top reasons you should buy a new car:

1. New cars are reliable

Many people perceive newer cars as less reliable than their older counterparts. This is likely because new cars are more complicated and have more electronic parts. Repairs also tend to be more expensive for newer cars. However, modern cars are much more reliable. Electronic systems provide reminders for maintenance so issues are resolved before they need repairs. They also require less maintenance and have more durable parts.

2. New cars are safer

With each passing year more safety features are added to cars. A new car will have an extensive safety feature list, especially when compared to its counterpart from just a few years before. Here are some of the safety features of newer cars:

  • Electronic stability
  • Collision warning systems
  • Backup cameras
  • Blind spot detectors
  • Lane departure detection
  • Tire monitors that detect pressure, direction, and traction

3. New cars are resistant to theft

Newer cars are more difficult to steal. With older cars, all it took was a slim jim and patience to get into a car. A new car is virtually impenetrable thanks to smart keys, keyless entry, and push to start. Modern cars also have immobilization features in case a thief happens to get past the first line of defense, as well as GPS tracking.

4. New cars are fuel efficient

If you like saving money at the pump, a new car is just what you need. New cars are much more fuel efficient thanks to new designs that follow EPA guidelines. Even modern pickups and SUVs get great gas mileage. A new car will save you a lot of money throughout its lifetime on gas. Even the least efficient 2016 model gets at least 12 mpg, while the best gets 124.

5. Savings

You can get great deals on newer cars compared to used ones. Dealers offer many types of discounts on new cars and you can get great savings if you wait for a holiday or end of the year sale. Not only can you get big savings, but the terms for the loan on a new car tend to be more favorable than that for a used car. With the right credit, you can lock in a low or even no interest loan.

These are five of the top reasons you should consider a new car over a used one. Contact your auto dealer to find out your options.


27 May 2016

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