Three Reasons To Ship Your Car Back To The Foreign Manufacturer For Repairs (When You Can Afford It!)

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When you are wealthy enough to afford a Mercedes or an Audi 500, you are wealthy enough to afford their repairs directly from the manufacturer. This is especially true if your luxury car was a custom job, made for you in Germany or some other country and shipped to you when it was complete. Here are three reasons to ship your car back to the foreign manufacturer for repairs when you know you can afford it.

1. The Plant's Workers See and Build These Cars All Day/Year

Who better to fix your Audi or perform Mercedes repair than the people who built your vehicle? The employees of these respective plants spend all day, most days of the week building cars, SUVs and trucks like yours, so they really know their way around these vehicles. When you arrange to ship your vehicle back to the plant in Germany (or wherever your vehicle came from), the employees can take one look or listen to your vehicle and know almost instantly what is wrong with it. Then they can fix it or rebuild it for you.

2. You Get Completely Authentic Parts 

Sure, you could have your vehicle repaired in the states, but to send it overseas to the original manufacturer most certainly guarantees that the repairs and replacement parts will be identical in every way to the parts they are replacing. This includes everything from engines to side panels on your vehicle, right down to the engine type and the paint color used on the panels. There is nothing more authentic than parts for your vehicle, fresh off the assembly line, that match your vehicle and its needs perfectly.

3. Manufacturer's Warranty, Straight from the Manufacturer's Mouth

Since you are sending the vehicle directly back to the manufacturer for repairs, you may receive all new or extended warranties on the parts and/or service for your vehicle. Most of what comes out of these factories is new, or "remanufactured," and often includes new or extended manufacturer's warranties. While the warranty on your car may be expired or may still be in effect, the new parts are covered for the future (typically beyond what the total new car warranty covers). That in itself may be worth the international shipping expense, import/export fees, taxes and long wait to get your vehicle back. Furthermore, these new warranties are often returned with your car in hard copy (paper) form, so that you have them in hand just in case.

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30 May 2016

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