3 Transmission Problems You Need To Fix Right Now

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Being a vehicle owner does not mean you have to double as a mechanic. It is, however, in the best interest of your vehicle to know a little bit about how to recognize common transmission problems. Knowing how to tell if your transmission is slipping or overheating, for example, would make it easier for you to get the transmission fixed before it fails completely. 

1. Transmission Is Slipping

If the revolutions per minute (RPM) gauge is over 3,500, your transmission could be slipping. Vehicles also take significantly longer to coast, and there can be delayed acceleration when the transmission is slipping. If it is determined that your transmission is slipping, it just means the transmission is not transmitting enough power to the engine.

Transmissions can slip when the automatic transmission fluid is low. It can also slip when the transmission band is broken or worn out to the point of needing replaced. It is even possible the clutch has thinned so much due to wear and tear that it can't perform its job properly and is causing the transmission to slip.

2. Transmission Fluid is Burnt

Transmission fluid is supposed to have a sweet and slightly tart smell. The moment you notice a faint, burning smell is the moment you should start planning on how you are going to pay for a transmission fluid change. This is a problem that will quickly escalate. The transmission fluid plays a huge part to the vehicle, as it keeps all parts of the transmission lubricated. If the transmission fluid is burnt, it could be burning up the rest of the transmission as well. If this happens, it could result in needing your entire transmission rebuilt.

3. Transmission is Overheating

Your transmission may not have immediate symptoms when it is overheating. Eventually, it will start to slip followed by delayed shift, followed by no shift, and eventually complete transmission failure.  If the fluid is dirty, old, low, or oxidized, it can cause all sorts of transmission problems including failure. This problem can also be the result of improperly towing your vehicle or rocking the vehicle back in forth after getting it stuck in the mud.

These are three transmission problems you do not want to put off getting fixed as they will quickly escalate into worse and more expensive problems. Putting off a transmission problem for too long can result in the transmission failing completely. 


3 June 2016

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