Owner-Operators: 3 Tips For Saving Money On Parts For Your Truck

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Even though there are probably plenty of things that you love about being an owner-operator, one thing that you might not love is paying for your own truck parts. Buying parts for a car can be expensive enough, and buying them for a semi truck can be even more costly. If you want to keep your business operating expenses down, it's critical to find ways to save money on essential parts. Luckily, these three tips can help you slash your costs so that you can keep more of your money in your pocket.

1. Buy Used When You Can

First of all, it can be smart to purchase used parts for your semi truck. Some parts dealers specialize in selling used parts, including refurbished parts that have short-term warranties. For less expensive parts, this might not be necessary. If you are doing major work to your rig and want to cut costs on expensive parts, however, this can be a great option to look into.

2. Purchase Essential Parts in Bulk

Some parts have to be purchased over and over again, such as oil filters and air filters. Even though filters and other similar parts might not be known for being expensive, the cost can really add up. Since you probably go through them pretty quickly, it's a good idea to look for these parts in bulk. By buying more of them at one time, you can spend less per item. Plus, you'll know that you have these essential parts on hand when you need them, so you won't have to worry about putting off maintenance.

3. Buy Before You Go to the Mechanic's Shop

When you take your truck to a repair shop, you might generally let the mechanic order or sell you the parts that you need. However, it can be better to inquire about pricing and then shop around instead. Your mechanic probably won't work as hard as you will to try to find a deal, so you can often find parts that cost less by just making a few phone calls to different suppliers. Then, just take your part to your mechanic when you are ready to have the repair done.

As an owner-operator who is always looking for ways to cut costs, you should consider these three tips for saving money on parts for your big rig. Then, you can save a significant amount of money on the parts that you need. Visit www.dsuban.com to learn more.


19 July 2016

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